Clan MacGillivray Society U.S.A.



Current Officers and Board of Directors



President – Daniel G. Hyde, Cedar Hill, MO

Vice-President – James E. MacGillivray, Bedford, OH

Secretary – David A. Danford, Cordova, TN

Treasurer – Donald L. Almy, Edmonds, WA

National Convenor – Edward L. "Trey" McGillvrey III, Springfield, OR



Bruce P. McGillivray, Portland, OR - U.S. Commissioner

Christopher D. McGillivary, Grand Junction, CO - Webmaster

Mary MacGillivray Cox, McCammon, ID

James J. McGilvray, Oakton, VA

Celena Hyde, Cedar Hill, MO

        To Society members and non-members alike,
        March 2009 was the last time an update was posted regarding the U.S. society. During the past year, the society gained new members while losing a few existing members who, for whatever reasons, chose to not renew their memberships. The loss of members has been due, in part, to the changing world wide economy, which included job losses of some of our members. The society presently has 187 membership units with over 300 members.
        In September 2009, a successful gathering and meeting of the society was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, attended by 44 members and guests You may read about this elsewhere on the web site. At the meeting, and after ten years as the founding president of the society, James J. McGilvray, announced he would not seek to remain in office. This resulted in an election taking place via email and snail mail, with the result being that Vice President, Daniel G. Hyde, was elected President. Dan succeeded Jim on January 1, 2010. The society then held another election, this time to fill the now vacant office of Vice President. The initial election ended in a tie and was followed by a run off election that resulted in the election of James E. MacGillivray to replace Dan Hyde.
        The new leadership of the society has plans for ways to grow our young society. This will include measures that will entice existing members to remain with us while luring other MacGillivrays to join our ranks. We are optimistic that this will be done.  

        For those non-member MacGillivrays, if you would like to tell us of your interest in joining the Society, please complete one of the registration forms below, which will put you on our Mailing List for receipt of the Membership Offering.  Should you wish to apply for membership, please print and complete the membership application form (link below) and mail it to David Danford for processing.  His contact information is:

David Danford
485 Ensworth Ct., #102
Cordova, TN 38018-2218

Please check this page periodically for news of the Society's progress.

The purposes of the Clan MacGillivray Society U.S.A. will be consistent with and complementary to those of the International Clan MacGillivray Association based in Scotland, and other existing Clan MacGillivray societies in Australia and Canada. In particular, it will be designed to address the interests of Americans who are immigrants and descendants of immigrants from our Scottish homelands to North America and the U.S.A.



Please Note: If you have in the past received the Clan MacGillivray U.S. Commissioner's Newsletter, and have changed your mailing address since you last received it --or since Spring 1996-- please use the form below to give us your current correct mailing address for the Mailing List.